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What's Popular

A trip documenting the natural heritage of Argentina around the main route of the country, in order to generate environmental awareness.
Raised $ 1,775 USD
Funded with 23%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 9.2 k views
  • 95 backers
Pumbapa is an anthology of children's comics that brings together the best authors of the genre in Argentina.
Raised $ 2,000 USD
Funded with 81%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 11.7 k views
  • 184 backers


We will record a VIRTUAL DISC independently. You can contribute to the project and earn juicy Bestial rewards!
Raised $ 437 USD
Funded with 17%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 4.5 k views
  • 30 backers
¡Ayúdanos a editar el primer libro de "La fórmula perfecta"! Un programa conducido por Gonzalo Leiva y Catalina Rojas en www.agu.fm
Raised $ 37 USD
  • 0 min. to go
  • 3.2 k views
  • 2 backers
Nos encontramos a un paso de estrenar nuestro docu ¡Con tu ayuda vamos a poder estrenar y hacer circular el documental como queremos!
Raised $ 744 USD
Funded with 64%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 5.9 k views
  • 83 backers

Up and Coming

Transform the Luján Ombú community dinner hall into a holistic-center for all the kids that are beginning their first thousand days of life.
Raised $ 330 USD
Funded with 5%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 1.0 k views
  • 42 backers
Queremos editar el libro de nuestra crónica de viaje en familia por la ruta 40. 18.620 km llenos de magia, historias, humor y encuentros...
Raised $ 755 USD
Funded with 20%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 3.6 k views
  • 81 backers

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