Tirada especial de 10 Clasicos de Tormenta, serigrafia artesanal limitada de autor. Imagenes que destacamos en nuestro recorrido
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My project is to put into production the Maracas. The Maracas are three different shakers for salt, pepper, sugar or your favourite spice.
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Funded with 151%
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Divino Barolo

“Divino Barolo” un delicioso libro con fotos, personajes y claves para conocer el edificio más extravagante de Buenos Aires.
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Funded with 143%
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Old School is back with this cool, glamourous, nerd, trendy, trash, punk, classy shoes. Place one on each foot.
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Two bottles in one. When you buy it, you'll get a feeling of the incertainty. What will you do? Drink the inside, or keep the outside.
Raised $ 2,630 USD
Funded with 131%
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El Disco Verde se editará en un empaque 100% reciclado que incluirá un papel semilla que podrás plantar para darle vida a un árbol.
Raised $ 6,902 USD
Funded with 125%
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Printing of 500 decks of cards about Painters of the Twentieth Century to present, along with the original paintings in 2015 Ardi Fair.
Raised $ 845 USD
Funded with 115%
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A book of collage that reveals the secrets that we did not know my grandfather kept as an Hungarian immigrant in the USA.
Raised $ 4,646 USD
Funded with 110%
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Unos dibujos para morir de amor te piden que los liberes de la compu. Queremos ser libro! Queremos ser libro!
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Funded with 107%
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Situaciones, experiencias, microcosmos plasmados en hermosos pañuelos de seda. Mili escribe y Lauri dibuja. ¡Elegí tu historia!
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by coquin
Robots de madera reciclada que vienen a traer felicidad al mundo!
Raised $ 189 USD
Funded with 106%
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Personal and original designs inspired in Harry Potter's magic world. With your help i'll be able to produce an exclusive amount of TShirts!
Raised $ 469 USD
Funded with 105%
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Hello! I´m Flora Mayer. Four years ago I started “Cenizas Azules”, my own brand of unique and exclusive jewelry and specified myself in the creation of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings , brides´hair adorments and accesories for the mothers of the brides. Since then I´ve been working intensively in the search of a style of my own that beautifies women helping them to “be themselves” by feeling unique and special. My designs are mainly based on handymade forms creating ethereal sensations of movements through different textures and colours given by the materials I use ( semiprecious stones, river pearls, mother of the pearls, passamanerie and organdy laces, and recycled antique jewelry. At the moment I´m selling my pieces at the shops of the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum of Madrid and The National Museum of Decorative Arts of Buenos Aires. My designs were inspired on pictures belonging to their own Collections. Now my purpose is to expand my Works to other Museums, mainly in Buenos Aires, New York and Boston. Therefore I´m in the search of new materials taken from our nature and autochthonous. I´ve investigated and experimented with different materials from bottons (galatit paste) to happy birthday balloons. But I´ve arrived to the conclusion that I consider it important to appreciate our own natural resources and, on the other hand, create an environmental conscience besides thinking in their future sustenance. Therefore my Proyect consists on making an investigation in Jujuy, in the north of our country, visiting eight native communities in ten days from Tilcara to Yavi to explore their natural resources (sheep and llama wool, grains, leathers, etc.); meanwhile observe and learn their ancestral threadding techniques and through the use of their materials, apply them to my new designs. In this way we will all benefit for I will be able to create a new collection with the new materials and techniques and represent our country in my future expositions. I consider it a super fascinating experience and I need your help to achieve it! Thank you!
Raised $ 2,615 USD
Funded with 104%
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"Silla Alma" esta hecha de aluminio 100% reciclado, material que tiene una larga vida útil debido a su alta resistencia a la corrosión.
Raised $ 9,278 USD
Funded with 103%
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  • 20 backers
We are three artists who love books, and cats too. Didi Grau loves to play with words, Christian Montenegro loves to do so with illustrations and Laura Varsky with design and fonts. We put together this new picture book because we are passionate about what we do and we would love for people to enjoy it as much as we did when we created it. “'Cuatro gatos negros flacos' ('Four skinny black cats') is a book that plays with four words that repeat, reflect and multiply themselves, words that increase and decrease, horizontal, vertical, diagonal and zigzagging words. It is a book with drawings that tell stories as they multiply, and then they decrease and start all over, but the other way around: four cats that smile, tease, wink, sleep and stretch themselves.” Because of its graphic presentation, this is a book that by classic means of production (through publishing houses, distributors and bookshops) would be too expensive for buyers. That is why we want to have a direct contact between the readers and the authors, that is to say, between you and us. We plan to make an exclusive print run of 500 books printed in offset and signed by the authors. We print books with the best printing companies, with quality paper, ink and binding. The book can be spread and is 7.9 inches by 7.9 inches in size when closed, but when spread it is 13 feet long! --- It is a book for all ages, for kids and grown-ups too, to read alone or with someone, to enjoy every page on the table or spread it on the carpet and read the illustrations and watch the words, to try and find all the details, all the differences and similarities, to read from first to last and last to first, to read from oposite sides and reunite in the middle, to read from very close or very far. To sum up, it is a book that, like a magic box, hides all the stories one can imagine. We hope we can count with your help to make this real!
Raised $ 9,670 USD
Funded with 102%
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  • 126 backers
Revolucionamos el concepto de "green apparel". ¡Ropa y accesorios hechos con materiales reciclados! ¡Moda sustentable y rastreable!
Raised $ 7,186 USD
Funded with 102%
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Diseño de sistemas funcionales para la agricultura urbana y proveer semillas y plantas autóctonas para promover la agrobioiversdad.
Raised $ 8,179 USD
Funded with 102%
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El ícono de la semana es una síntesis de las noticias más importantes que sucedieron en la Argentina, en el transcurso de un año.
Raised $ 1,147 USD
Funded with 102%
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Lanzamiento exclusivo de nueva Colección FW17 donde podes ayudar a Voy con Vos en un proyecto de integración nacional
Raised $ 6,869 USD
Funded with 102%
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Compact and ultralight solar charger, waterproof, capable of charge your devices at the same speed as a wall plug.
Raised $ 4,578 USD
Funded with 102%
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  • 80 backers
Recolección de objetos viejos o desechados para volverles a dar vida y un nuevo uso. La "basura" no existe ya que TODO es re-utilizable.
Raised $ 5,255 USD
Funded with 101%
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  • 21.9 k views
  • 76 backers
CB v01 I Cyclist Backpack v01 = Mochila diseñada para que los ciclistas puedan transitar de manera segura y vanguardista por la noche
Raised $ 30,440 USD
Funded with 101%
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  • 41.4 k views
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