Balloon equipped with Rectilinial lenses to assess the morphology and curvature of the horizon at more than 35km altitude.
Raised $ 655 USD
Funded with 187%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 13.7 k views
  • 112 backers
Recaudación de fondos para pagar costos de manutención de la web de la Asociación Nacional de Investigadores en Postgrado (ANIP) Chile
Raised $ 477 USD
Funded with 130%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 5.3 k views
  • 34 backers
El Paralell World necesita equiparse y vos nos podes ayudar.
Raised $ 6,010 USD
Funded with 120%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 31.7 k views
  • 237 backers
¡Lo hicimos! creamos un partido en el que podemos decidir todos y nos presentamos a elecciones en octubre. ¡Ahora necesitamos las boletas!
Raised $ 426 USD
Funded with 116%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 28.6 k views
  • 277 backers
¿No te encantaría tener a una asistente personal para tus finanzas? Sharon es la forma más simple de conocer y mejorar tu salud financiera
Raised $ 484 USD
Funded with 106%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 16.2 k views
  • 14 backers
Desde La Nube es una Película Documental que Muestra la Realidad de los que Trabajan Desde su Casa. Sin Horarios, Sin Jefes. Desde La Nube.
Raised $ 124 USD
Funded with 106%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 29.7 k views
  • 77 backers needs your help to grow! We want to improve our design and infrastructure for growth, keeping the game free like it is now!
Raised $ 5,184 USD
Funded with 103%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 23.8 k views
  • 60 backers
The Second Chapter a of Science Fiction adventure game situated in the city of Buenos Aires.
Raised $ 8,132 USD
Funded with 101%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 29.6 k views
  • 69 backers
CB v01 I Cyclist Backpack v01 = Mochila diseñada para que los ciclistas puedan transitar de manera segura y vanguardista por la noche
Raised $ 30,440 USD
Funded with 101%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 44.5 k views
  • 55 backers
La solución en comunicación y soporte para para tu red de establecimientos. Frangear te ayuda a comunicarte mejor con tus Franquiciatarios.
Raised $ 1,614 USD
Funded with 101%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 12.2 k views
  • 6 backers
We want to create a casual game for iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) for children of 4 to...99 years! taking as an inspiration source the "Mapuches" and the particular activity of gathering "piñones" (fruits of a native specie called Araucaria) used for food. We are very excited about the project for two reasons: (i) We believe that the global video game creative flow is drying up! There are many games of pirates, zombies, ninjas, and sequels, sequels, and more sequels... The industry knows this and the players too! (i) We believe that this little game can break through the playful to become a true vehicle for learning and cultural transfer. In principle, in small-scale but with tremendous exploration potential for future projects. Once we finish our game will be available in the AppStore:) hope to reach the goal to raise our voice in the wind and shout MARICHIWEU! (meaning "Ten times shall overcome" in mapudungun, the Mapuche language). We invite you to become part of the project and colaborate to make it happen by adquiring the differents rewarding that we have designed especially for you!
Raised $ 5,025 USD
Funded with 100%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 37.1 k views
  • 38 backers
Crowdsourcing web platform that joins T-Shirt designers with customers. Designers upload designs and win money, we make the T-Shirts..
Raised $ 4,000 USD
Funded with 100%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 29.4 k views
  • 25 backers
We want to create the digital version fo Little Red Riding Hood written by Gabriela Mistral and illustrated by Paloma Valdivia. Help us!
Raised $ 10,054 USD
Funded with 100%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 33.6 k views
  • 106 backers
To build and share with you the first solar live aboard sailboat - marine life school in Isla Mujeres mexico to film educational videos.
Raised $ 39,165 USD
Funded with 100%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 31.3 k views
  • 10 backers
Um aplicativo que centraliza a programação cultural das cidades. Ajude a financiar o Satolapp Cultural.
Raised $ 5,096 USD
Funded with 100%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 14.6 k views
  • 66 backers
In January and February 2020 we will carry out the study and conservation of Amenmose tomb in Egypt, over 3500 years ago.
Raised $ 2,341 USD
Funded with 100%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 9.9 k views
  • 256 backers
Simpliziti® is an application to help solve the pain of gifting. We give back as you receive with our non-profit partnerships.
Raised $ 10,070 USD
Funded with 100%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 6.0 k views
  • 15 backers
MTG is an event that gathers all the games developed in Argentina, it lasts for a whole day. It also has talks, workshops and a lot more.
Raised $ 242 USD
Funded with 69%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 16.0 k views
  • 288 backers
Queremos aprovechar las propiedades antibacterianas del cobre para crear el primer juguete sexual 100% chileno.
Raised $ 3,843 USD
Funded with 63%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 28.6 k views
  • 87 backers

e-Crow Home

by e-Crow
e-Crow Home es un sistema inteligente de monitoreo ambiental doméstico que informa en tiempo real como se encuentra la atmósfera del hogar.
Raised $ 557 USD
Funded with 41%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 7.1 k views
  • 9 backers
Our target is developing a quick and non-invasive detection kit for early skin cancer associated mutations.
Raised $ 105 USD
Funded with 36%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 13.6 k views
  • 18 backers

Farsa App

by Farsa Mag
En FARSA MAG queremos desarrollar la primera APP teatral de la Argentina para que puedas agarrar tu celular y armar tu salida al TEATRO!
Raised $ 282 USD
Funded with 34%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 9.9 k views
  • 52 backers


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