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Refugio Tulka was born with the initial objective of consolidating a place where mistreated farm animals can be received, cared for and recovered from judicial raids in the Traslasierra area, Córdoba. With the arrival of the 2020 pandemic and the increase in the population from the city, the refuge also became a reference point where wild animals arrive from road accidents, habitat loss or fires. Here they are recovered and rehabilitated for their subsequent reintroduction to the mountain where they belong. Amaru as we call this 7-month-old foal is one of our most recent cases. He was rescued malnourished and with an infected leg, misshapen hoof, and a severed tendon in his right hand. We managed to control the infection and every 3 days we perform cures that allow him to recover his glass little by little. You can follow their evolution on Instagram and tiktok To continue his recovery we must buy an orthopedic boot (see image) that is made to measure, which he must wear for a long time. In this way we would prevent the hoof from continuing to deform and recover the correct mobility of its leg. Currently the total financing of the care of the animals is done entirely by us. We do not have support from companies or subsidies. That is why we need urgent help to be able to acquire the boot as soon as possible.

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