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This project reached its funding goal on Tuesday, November 15, 2011
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Tiendamalba presents “Encapsulated Art”, a project by Marta Minujín with the collaboration of Ernesto Catena Vineyards.

The project consists in the edition of special wines which will be encapsulated in an exclusive design by Marta Minujín. It will be a limited edition of 100 units, numbered and signed by the artist. 

Marta Minujín gets involved in crowdfunding looking for a closer bond with her fans and followers thru an interactive project where she makes them part of her art, giving them the possibility to get 2 pieces of work in one, letting the consumer decide which path to follow, and live art in a different and participative way. 

She says: “You've purchased Encapsulated Art by Marta Minujín and now you must decide what do you prefer to do, keep the art bottle with her head sculptured on it and signed which will valuate in time, or become a creator of "Artction" of instant culture of living art in a different way. Taking the bottle will invade you with a feeling of uncertainty, because both paths are tempting... What will you do? Choose "the inside"... or keep "the outside"…”

Tiendamalba invites you to be part of the project, buying in advance one of the pieces of art or any other reward that suits you best. Then, it would be great for you to post on ideame's Facebook which path you chose to follow and share it with us another way of living art! Art! Art!



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