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No va llegar (He Ain´t Gonna Make It) is a road-movie starring songwriter Tomi Lebrero. With two mares and a colt who he tames along the way, Tomi throws himself into adventure just as Atahualpa Yupanqui and Jorge Cafrune did before. Away from costumbrismo and the classic image of the gaucho, the movie portrays crazy characters. From a Perón loving singer who advises him on writing songs to another one who makes complaints through speakers while driving a jeep called El móvil de los indignados (The Outraged’s Car). During his journey he meets a guitar player from Santiago del Estero who then follows him like a biking Sancho Panza and someone to share songs and roads with.
All through this horse movie, this modern payador will tell his journey with songs that paint the soy landscapes of the pampa, the unexpected birth of a colt that will join the family or the sudden loss of his horses.   We need your support to finish the post-production and distribution.  



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