1.1. The present Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to the use of the services (“Services” as a whole, and each of them, a “Service”), offered or made available through the Website owned by Ideame, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company with registered offices at 1209 Orange Street (c/o Corp. Trust Company), Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America, as well as its branches or other companies controlled by it (as a whole, “IDEAME”).

1.2. Using any of the Services implies becoming an IDEAME User (“User”) and the full and unrestricted acceptance by the User of each and every clauses of the version of the Privacy Policy published by IDEAME that is in place at the very moment the User uses the Services. Consequently, the Privacy Policy will be a valid and mandatory agreement between the User and IDEAME regarding privacy in the use of the Services. For this purpose, the User must thoroughly read the Privacy Policy before using the Services. Likewise, the use of the Services implies full and unrestricted acceptance by the User of the Terms of Use of the Services (“Terms of Use”), published by IDEAME at, which are complemented by this Privacy Policy.

1.3. If necessary, IDEAME will complement the Privacy Policy with information and/or specific terms and conditions related to a specific Service.

1.4. IDEAME may modify the Privacy Policy at any time. The new version will be communicated by (i) its publication on the Website at and/or (ii) by email to the Users with a link to

1.5. The User accepts he will be considered notified of any changes in the Privacy Policy once IDEAME has published them at, and that the following uses of the services by the User will imply acceptance of the new version of the Privacy Policy. Consequently, the User accepts to (i) check http:// periodically, and (ii) read any email sent by IDEAME containing changes or updates of the Privacy Policy.

1.7. If in doubt regarding the Privacy Policy, please write to us to

1.6. To IDEAME, privacy of Personal Data is a very important matter.


1.8. IDEAME owns a Website that allows Creator Users (“Creators”) the publication of Projects in order to raise enough funds to develop them. With that purpose, IDEAME allows its Users to publish ideas or projects and obtain funds to develop them through the contributions of other Collaborator Users (“Collaborators”). 1.9. Certain Users, the Creators, have enough capacity and knowledge to develop certain projects, as well as knowledge of the Website operation, and are interested in disseminating their Projects through it.

1.10. Other Users, the Collaborators, are interested in contributing to the Projects published by the Creators.

1.11. For the purposes of the present Privacy Policy, all users, Creators and Collaborators, will be called “Users” for all common matters.


1.12. IDEAME will eventually collect information about the behavior of its Users, by means of cookies, tags, web beacons and other methods, such as the information provided by the Users upon registration on the Website.

a) A cookie is a small text file by which an internet browser may be exclusively identified, and it is usually installed in, sent to or written in the internet users’ computers when they browse an internet website, with the purpose of obtaining automatic information about their behavior when browsing the site. A cookie file generally has the name of the website where it has been transferred, its creation date and an identification code. The only personal information a cookie may contain is information the user himself provides when surfing the internet, such as IP address, visited sites, order of visits, time spent on each site, date and time, etc. (“Activity Information”). A cookie cannot read the User’s hard drive data nor other cookie files created by other websites.

b) A tag is a small image embedded in a website so that the site’s owner or a third party may monitor who is visiting the website, collect his IP, the URL of the site it comes from and the exact moment it was seen there. These tags may be used together with cookies.

c) A Web beacon is an electronic image, also called single-pixel (1 x 1) o transparent pixel that is embedded in a website. A Web beacon has similar uses as cookies, and also measures users’ web traffic patterns. The User accepts that IDEAME may use a follow-up system based on Web beacons.

1.13. IDEAME usually collects User information in order to improve service quality, by storing User preference data and supervising behavior trends, as in the kind of searches they perform.

1.14. It is possible that a User registers at IDEAME through his personal account on a social network (“Personal Account”) and enters the Website through it. In that case, the User accepts that IDEAME may access the information in his Personal Account that the User accepts to share when registering at IDEAME.

1.15. Creators may receive partial information of Collaborators such as name, surname and email address, as well as the amount of the contribution during the Fundraising Period due to validations needed for payments or payment of coupons. They will only receive full information of Collaborators who have made Contributions to their Project in case it meets its goal as published, whether it is in “All-or-Nothing” or in “Everything Helps” mode.


1.16. Also, as part of the Services, IDEAME will collect User information by means of cookies, web beacons, and/or tags. The information collected by IDEAME may include browsing behavior, IP address, logs and other kind of information. This will be informed by IDEAME to the Users, thus obtaining their express or tacit consent. However, IDEAME will not collect personal identifiable information in a direct way of any User, neither by cookies nor by tags.

1.17. IDEAME will at any time provide information or segmentation analysis services to third parties that are either networks or service providers, who will be able to use the information collected to predict User characteristics, behaviors or preferences, typically used to consequently publish advertising.

1.18. IDEAME will process the information and the personal and non- personal data in accordance with the provisions laid down in this Privacy Policy and in the Additional Noticies included in certain Services. Likewise, IDEAME recommends, supports and strongly encourages third parties and other Users, to adopt privacy policies designed to inform about the information collection practices they apply. The User must be familiar with the privacy policies of the websites he visits to understand what information the site collects, how it uses it, what his options are and how he is protected.


1.19. IDEAME’S Website (“The Website”) collects contact information of Users and potential Users who requested information or Services from IDEAME. The identifiable personal contact information collected at the Website will be used to answer those requests or to provide access to the Services through email

contact methods. IDEAME will not sell, rent or lease any personal information to a third party with promotional purposes or any other purpose, except as established in the present clause. Any person who provides personal contact information through the Website will be able to update, delete and/or correct his personal contact information through the same Website. Also, the Users may turn to the corresponding authorities to make a complaint related to the data provided.

1.20. IDEAME’s Website uses cookies to register User patterns. In case a Website User does not want to accept these cookies, he must configure his browser so as to have the option of accepting cookies or rejecting unwanted ones. The Website will also be able to use cookies, logs and tag analysis tools.

1.21. IDEAME’s Website may have links to other internet websites that neither belong to nor are controlled by IDEAME. Consequently, IDEAME will not be held responsible for any actions of those internet websites, to which this Privacy Policy does not apply. IDEAME recommends attentively examining the privacy policies of such internet websites to understand their procedures for collection, use and disclosure of personal data.

1.22. The provisions of the Privacy Policy will comprehend all users of the Website, whether they are Registered Users or not.


1.23. Due to the fact that under age individuals (under 18 years) may not fully understand the Privacy Policy and its implications, nor make valid decisions about the options available to Users, the Users must, in their respective Privacy Policies, respect the corresponding regulations applicable to minors and also encourage all parents or substitutes, tutors or adults supervising those minors who surf internet websites, to active and carefully participate in the activities the minors perform while they are online, in the services used by them, in the information they access to, whether when visiting the Users’ websites or those of third parties, and guide them and teach them how to protect their own personal data while surfing the net.


1.24. The information provided by the Users to IDEAME and the one IDEAME collects directly may be transferred between different ad servers or other internet sites such as search engines and others that may be based in different countries, with different legislations regarding data protection. The use of the Services implies the Users’ authorization for the international transference of information provided by the Users to IDEAME and the one IDEAME collects

directly or on their behalf.


1.25. IDEAME has adopted reasonable security measures to protect the Users’ information and to prevent unauthorized access to their data or any unauthorized modification, dissemination or destruction of those data. The information collected by IDEAME will be kept in a strictly confidential way. Access to personal data is restricted to those employees, contractors, representatives and agents of IDEAME that need to know those data to carry out their functions and develop or enhance the Services. IDEAME requires from its suppliers the same confidentiality standards each time they provide IDEAME with services related to the Users’ information. IDEAME does not disclose this information to third parties outside IDEAME, unless this is expressly requested by the User.

1.26. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and considering the internet is an open system with public access, IDEAME may not warrant that unauthorized third parties might eventually cross over security barriers and misuse the Users’ information, in which case, IDEAME shall not be liable.


1.27. IDEAME reserves the right to transfer the information collected in case of sale or merger of IDEAME, or of an acquisition of the main assets of IDEAME related to the business for which that information was collected, or with any other kind of transference of IDEAME to another entity. In that case, IDEAME must take all reasonable measures to ensure that the information will be used in a way that is consistent with the Privacy Policy.


1.28. Most internet browsers are configured to accept cookies, but the Users may reconfigure their own browser to reject all cookies or to have the system show a notice when one is received. However, if cookies are disabled, it is possible that some characteristics and services of internet websites do not function correctly.

1.29. IDEAME will try by all possible means to facilitate access to personal data to Users from whom it has collected or stored personal information (“Right of Access”), as well as the possibility of rectification, modification or update of the mentioned data (“Right of Rectification”), or even their cancellation (“Right of Removal”), unless IDEAME denies a request in case it is obliged or has the right to keep those personal data according to applicable legislation.

a) To this purpose, the User must send a request by email with the subject “Access to Personal Data” to . IDEAME may require the User to prove his identity, which may be verified by IDEAME, and to specify the personal data he wants to access, rectify or remove. b) IDEAME may reject the requests that are unreasonably repetitive or systematic, that require a disproportioned technical effort, that jeopardize the privacy of other Users, or are considered impractical, or for which access to data is unnecessary. c) Access, rectification and removal of personal data service will be provided by IDEAME free of charge, unless it requires a huge or non reasonable effort, in which case an administration fee may be charged.


1.30. Regardless of any other provision against the Privacy Policy, IDEAME will be able to disclose certain personal information of Users, when in good faith, it believes this disclosure is reasonably necessary to: a) avoid a legal liability; b) comply with a legal request such as a search warrant, a court order, a subpoena; c) comply with the request of a government or regulatory authority; d) protect the rights, property or security of IDEAME, the Users, or a third party.


1.31. IDEAME is allowed to use and uses third party services and is not responsible for the information they collect or for the way they protect personal data. Each of these services has its own Privacy Policy and in certain cases, they provide an opt-out method to Users. Among them are the following:


1.32. IDEAME will be able to modify the present Privacy Policy in case is is considered necessary. If the changes related to the treatment of personal data collected in relation with the Services are substantial, they will also be communicated by a prominent notice posted on the Website’s Homepage. If the User wants to be notified via email of any changes, he must send an email to with “List of Changes in Privacy Policy” as Subject, from the email address where he wants to receive the mentioned information.


1.33. If the User is in doubt regarding the Privacy Policy, or its application, he must contact IDEAME at any time, via email, to

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