Studio Pangea

Hello! I'm an engineer passionate by video games. I have dedicated to exploring the educational and creative potential of video games. I am the founder of, a blog devoted to promoting the educational use of video games, and also am a founding member (with my brother!) of Studio Pangea, an independent study of game creation.

With 24 years I was elected one of the 100 young leaders from Chile under the title "Games to teach" (El Sábado Magazine, El Mercurio, 2009). With 26 years I am happy (yes, happy!: D) TEDxPatagonia speaker told my gaming experience and the incredible potential in education.

We want to create a casual game for iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) for children of 4 to...99 years! taking as an inspiration source the "Mapuches" and the particular activity of gathering "piñones" (fruits of a native specie called Araucaria) used for food. We are very excited about the project for two reasons: (i) We believe that the global video game creative flow is drying up! There are many games of pirates, zombies, ninjas, and sequels, sequels, and more sequels... The industry knows this and the players too! (i) We believe that this little game can break through the playful to become a true vehicle for learning and cultural transfer. In principle, in small-scale but with tremendous exploration potential for future projects. Once we finish our game will be available in the AppStore:) hope to reach the goal to raise our voice in the wind and shout MARICHIWEU! (meaning "Ten times shall overcome" in mapudungun, the Mapuche language). We invite you to become part of the project and colaborate to make it happen by adquiring the differents rewarding that we have designed especially for you!
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Funded with 100%
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Music Composition for the 3rd game made by Studio Pangea that rescues a traditional chilean game and the sounds of the Chilean Cueca.
Raised $ 316 USD
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