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Hi, I’m Jimena Passadore! I was born in Buenos Aires on March 13th.

I’m an artist and an editor, formed as a graphic designer. I studied at the University of Buenos Aires where I also teach since 1999.

In 2006, thanks to a scholarship for artists granted by the DAAD, I lived in Berlin where I experimented with different means like photography, drawing and video at my art school (KHB).

In 2010, I founded an editorial called Flanbé to start distributing the work of young artists that have very little coverage. The first two titles where composed by my work and, other artists who I admire, together make 5 titles published. And we are going for more!

FLANBE IS: - - An editorial for independent publications. - - A collection of photography, drawing, design, art, poetry and project notebooks that has a print run of 100 copies. - - A collection of books of different shapes. - - A medium to promote the work of young, emerging artists with low coverage. - - The kickstarter to produce exhibitions and different spaces to exchange experiences. - - A project in movement and evolution. The first issues of the first two titles of Flanbé (both by Jimena Passadore) are out of stock: - - Bitacora – a book of photography – only 50 issues were produced in the first print run - - Retratos de Leipzig – a book of photography – only 20 issues were printed This is why we would like to make another print run so more and more people can have them and keep expanding our spirit to the world! So, if you like what we do, get a Flanbé home so you can help us make it! Your support is a key element and you will be able to take a little bit of us with you. Thank you very much! You can also read a synopsis of both books: Bitácora It’s a book that shows diverse experiences between 2006 and 2010 that shows constant growth. The situations don’t present a specific “here and now” but lots of “here and now” moments thru a long period of time. More than ever, the camera is of key importance when it combines trips, portraits, friends, family, self portraits, scenery, animals… This is why Bitácora honors those work notebooks – and are not casually very used by designers – where notes are taken that may seen senseless at the time, but where something is felt and that valuable feeling is preserved to look into it in the future. Retratos de Leipzig Get its inicial kickstarter in 2006, where the string that puts it together is determined by the presence of foreigners studying in Germany – been the author a part of the group of self exiled people for diverse reasons. The pictures show testimonies, they tell a story of the search of each character and shows a dialogue with all the comments, written by hand of everyone portraited, but there with a post it. People sharing here and now with the artist and her deciding to immortalize them in a book.
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