Creador y productor de videojuegos. También un encantador músico ... o eso dicen :D

Actualmente trabajo en Iguanabee y creo música en mi tiempo libre.


Videogame Creator and Producer, also a lovely musician ... or so they say :D

Currently i work at @iguanabee and make music on my own.

[For better understanding the project we are presenting, please use headphones while watching the video. Make sure that your left headphone is in your left ear and your right headphone in your right ear] People with visual disability fight every day to integrate to society and one way to do it is through technology and computers. But part of this integration that nobody has really tackled is that of their entertainment: Why can’t they have fun with a good videogame just like everybody else? This was one of the basic ideas for “Voices in the Dark”, a videogame that can be played by blind people: Imagine a computer game without images, a black screen. It will work with 3D audio technology, making your ears the only tool you will have to move through this world. This makes the game highly immersive, it appeals to your imagination and anyone can enjoy it to the fullest. For every person it will be a fantastic opportunity to live a new, fresh and interesting experience! For better understanding what we are aiming for, please use headphones while listening to our video. The team behind this project is multidisciplinary and highly trained, with engineers, programmers, musicians, sound designers, scriptwriters, game designers and actors. We only need you. Every donation counts! Join us, make this project a reality and help us create something spectacular for you, blind people and the whole world! PLEASE NOTE: This first game will be in Spanish as is this video, but we hope to make English versions very soon if successful.
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