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Paio Zuloaga es diseñador gráfico, ilustrador y docente. Publica Cada día una copita, viñetas de humor gráfico, desde enero de 2008.

Hi! I am Paio Zuloaga, graphic designer and cartoonist. My interest has always been art and creativity. My inspiration, graphic humor. I have always admired those people that draw "the back of the newspapers". In january 2008, I started my blog with one aim: draw a joke a every day for a year. I called it “Cada día una copita”, and what at the beginning was a hobbie, it evolved to a daily job. Nowadays, more than three years later and with the recognition of other cartoonists, which I admire, and fans that keep suming to my blog, I want to achieve another goal: to edit the book of "Everyday a cup" vol. 1, a resume of more interesting and fun drawings and ilustrations, in a 20x20cm., 96 colour pages of humor in Paio's style. To achieve this goal, I need YOUR help! I want you to be part of this project and be part of making it real. Go to www.ideame.com, check the video, and PARTICIPATE!!! There are different rewards for you: skins for your cel or laptop, originals drawings, special thanks in my blog or even the book if we achieve the goal! We have 40 days to gather the amount needed to edit and make it real! Sharing this video with others, you are also helping me! If the book gets printed, things will keep changing and surprising me, showing me that I am alive. Then, it will only be left to sharpen the pencil again and get a new blank page. I hope to count with your help!!!! Thanks x thousands! X Paio
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"Cada día una copita" vol. 2 es una recopilación de viñetas de humor gráfico realizadas entre 2011 y 2013 x Paio Zuloaga.
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