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I'm Claudio, the person behind the t-shirts. Manic, tireless worker and stubborn.

Poleras Tishert was the result from a mutation of GREEEN, the virtual shop focused on selling organic items. The final product sold were tshirts made of organic cotton, but although the designs were good, the cost soared and they did not sell. After one or two years, GREEEN turned into this ... no organic products and the shirts took their own life. More ideas appeared, we added the use of water-based inks (never Plastisol) and then came the name: Tishert (coming from T-Shirt, the generic for t-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt ... etc . but in the chilean style). So, without anything more than a wish and an idea, we’ve come to shape an appealing concept: Make T-shirts with really cool designs in limited editions and fine garments made by our own factory. Now is the time to grow and be known and we hope that with your support, this idea gets is the push I need.

ps: The format of this funding is all or nothing. Only if we achieve our goals, we will receive the target funds, otherwise the money is returned to the contributors and we remain the way we were at first. Help us make the amount; everything is useful, it all adds up. A hug and thanks again.


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