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I work professionally as an illustrator and children's books writer. I have more than twenty published books and collaborations with children's magazines and textbooks, in different genres: poetry, short story, theatre play, biography, etc. If I had to choose a genre it would be poetry, but also theatre. Having to choose between book formats I prefer the picture book, because it lets the text and image complement and enrich each other. I believe that a good book can be enjoyed at any age.

This is my blog where you can see my published work:

// Christian Montenegro

I’m an argentinian illustrator born in 1972. In my beginnings I learnt comic-book drawing with Alberto Breccia. I went to his classes for 5 years and he left a mark on me. After a while I studied graphic design in UBA and with that I finally became an illustrator. I work in Argentina as in other countries for magazines, books, publicity, television and web content. I made exhibits in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Berlin.

There have been articles about my work in important design magazines from Latin America, Europe and Asia. I have given lectures in Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and India.

// Laura Varsky

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. In graphic design, I’m focused on record art and books. I gave my first steps when I designed record covers for underground rock bands, and in 2006 I won a latin Grammy for best cover design, from a beautiful tango record. When it comes to books, my favorite ones are those that can be enjoyed by children, that is why this year I will publish “Lady René”, illustrated by me and written in my very own font (the first one that will be for sale!), with this I will combine three passions: drawing, fonts... and cats!

I invite you to find out more about me and my work in

We are three artists who love books, and cats too. Didi Grau loves to play with words, Christian Montenegro loves to do so with illustrations and Laura Varsky with design and fonts. We put together this new picture book because we are passionate about what we do and we would love for people to enjoy it as much as we did when we created it. “'Cuatro gatos negros flacos' ('Four skinny black cats') is a book that plays with four words that repeat, reflect and multiply themselves, words that increase and decrease, horizontal, vertical, diagonal and zigzagging words. It is a book with drawings that tell stories as they multiply, and then they decrease and start all over, but the other way around: four cats that smile, tease, wink, sleep and stretch themselves.” Because of its graphic presentation, this is a book that by classic means of production (through publishing houses, distributors and bookshops) would be too expensive for buyers. That is why we want to have a direct contact between the readers and the authors, that is to say, between you and us. We plan to make an exclusive print run of 500 books printed in offset and signed by the authors. We print books with the best printing companies, with quality paper, ink and binding. The book can be spread and is 7.9 inches by 7.9 inches in size when closed, but when spread it is 13 feet long! --- It is a book for all ages, for kids and grown-ups too, to read alone or with someone, to enjoy every page on the table or spread it on the carpet and read the illustrations and watch the words, to try and find all the details, all the differences and similarities, to read from first to last and last to first, to read from oposite sides and reunite in the middle, to read from very close or very far. To sum up, it is a book that, like a magic box, hides all the stories one can imagine. We hope we can count with your help to make this real!
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A series of texts that have been drawn and a book that tells its creative process: its history, sketches and objects that inspired it.
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