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Bryan lives in Chile and has worked on the cutting edge of technology for the last 25 years, he is best known for his ability to develop innovative approaches to push technology beyond what is considered possible. In 2001 he led the creative team that put the first 3D engine on the ARM 9 chipset, leading to the global standard for 3D on 98% of mobile devices worldwide. His earlier company, Televirtual, broadcasted the worlds first digital puppet on BBC TV in 1994 and also introduced the first commercial motion capture studio to Europe. Prior to that he worked with blue chip Medical companies and the British Military on virtual reality visualizations and simulations. Whilst dedicated to new technology his education background is in design and in his early years he worked for Vivid Id with bands such as the Rolling Stones and Living Color.

Our Monster Dreamer will allow children to make the monsters of their dreams using the power of their own minds.
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