Corbeta Halcón

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CREW ORIGINS: Buenos Aires

INDIVIDUAL ORIGINS: Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Madrid, Paris.

DISCIPLINES: Design, graffiti, photography, video, bbq, soccer, cumbia y cachengue.

ACADEMICS: IUNA, UBA, IED Madrid, INTUIT LAB ( Design University of Paris) and of course the Street.

WORKING PLACES: Design studios and advertisement Agencies, all of us freelance at the moment, before that we were rocking in pizzerias, dishwashers, housekeepers, as garbage man, construction workers and strippers.

HOBBYS: Painting graffiti, playing soccer and bridge, cleaning the floor with our asses while dancing, cooking, watering the plants, knitting and updating our blog.

INFLUENCES: Political bombing, Diego Armando Maradona & El Bambino Veira, Ferran Adriá & Ale el parrillero, Ruben Blades & la Mona Gimenez, Taki 183 & Levas, Walter Giardino & Paco de Lucia, Fukuda & el chino Cirujano, Jean Paul Belmondo & WuTangClan, Saul Bass, Rafa di Zeo, Jay z & Frescolate, Coppola (Francis ford & Guillote), Henry & Reggie Miller, el chino Zulberti, Gangstarr, Peter de polvorines, Machiavelo & 2pac, Joe "Duhalde" Pesci, Coca Sarli’s boobs and a whole lot more...

CLIENTS: Adidas, Pony, Puro Diseño, Quilmes, La Nación, Cacharel, Gob. de la Ciudad, Red Bull, Jumbo, Unicenter, La Parrilla de Ale, Canchitas F5 "el tinglado", kids from slum 1 11/14, guys from the murga "los cachafaces de colegiales", Barcelona’s erotic festival, Exposex Madrid, Fabián the printer and Lingerie Mamasa.

Popular Culture, humor and graffiti in Bs. As. And South Amercia. The prototype of the book is ready. Help us produce it and you can get a copy! " One of the big men who populated this earth said: - " the one that is free of sin ligths the first joint ".- It was in Egypt, lost in the lies of those who wrote History, where a dissident decided to express his rage by painting a hieroglyph in the door of the Pharaoh s palace. The image of a dog that was analy raping their Highness was not well accepted by the highest commands. More recently in time, they were brave corsairs who navigated the Corbeta Halcón and as the legend accounts, they managed to furrow yankee seas to take in assault for 6 days the state of California, place that then would turn into the icon of everything that is perverse. This is Corbeta Halcón. A great washbowl of cheap wine where the marginal thing, the prohibited, the desire of set occident on fire, the wild things, the loyalty,the fellowship, midgets, alienation, anxiety and the half-caste dogs swim always doggystyle and they are more awake than ever when the dawn comes. We firmly believe that the current market is saturated of European and Yankee publications about graffiti and lifestyle with a lot of makeup. We love our streets, our imperfections and all this mixture that makes us who we are, our culture. We believe that is the time for a book to truly reflect all these worries and we support that idea through the demand that our material has had in publications and blogs locally as in the rest of America and Europe. Its time to put us in the map, help us making it happen. Dont forget to check our blog Thank you all. CH CREW.
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