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This project reached its funding goal on Thursday, April 05, 2012
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LABYRINTH- The Project

Hi, we are so happy to have ended the first step of the staging process of LABYRINTHS that we are proud to propose to you be part of our theatrical project. Through IDEAme, we found a way. We are in a right way, we are convinced of it.

Fund’s destination

We’ve made a great casting and selected a terrific and profesional crew that accepted this kind of production. Minotaur’s mask was already made and we are carrying out the Press communication of the show. Right now we are needing a good quality costumes. This is the stage we are in, and that’s why we are asking for you to help us.

How to participate

Can you imagine your name in the production credits as one of the International Community Micro-producer of the show? It does not take much, just think in a minimal 5 us$ contribution to become a Theatrical Microproducer.  It would be really wonderful!   

You can give your contribution through your Credit Card, or PayPal, and if you have no credit Card, no matter, there is also another easy way (just click to discover this way). Now everyone can participate becoming microproducer of our show. In return for your generosity, you will receive one of the rewards that you can see on the right side of this page.

The Monster is in the loose, all together we’ll get him on stage

We believe that Art is a universal good that belongs to everyone in this World. With a small contribution from the global community, everyone can participate in this theatrical event and becomes the dreams into reality. And what is the matter of that dream? We explain it below.

A Thunderous Truth, a Hero among two sisters, and the Exit... upwards!

We are a professional artists group gathering in an independent team to stage this specially crafted neotragic performance. We need just a push to take the next step.Can you help us?

Show's features

The play belongs to the Neotragic style, with a strong tendency to the Theatre of Image. In order to fulfill this, we considered the staging with multimedia devices. The score and lighting of the play are indeed characters in the universe of the show.

General info

  • Premiere: August 2012, Buenos Aires
  • Theatre: EL CUBO
  • Proyection: until the end of the year, we are studying the possibility to be part of  International Festivals 


  • Aegeus/Minos: Pedro di Salvia
  • Ariadne: Victoria Robles
  • Theseus/Autodocus/Diacoreus: Luciano Percara
  • Minotaur: Daniel Elizaincin
  • Phaedra: Sol Bordigoni
  • Wet nurse: Giovanna di Vincenzo
  • Photos: Debbie Ls
  • Original Score: Martín Sciaccaluga
  • Mask, FX for Minotaur: Omega Gd
  • Assistant Stage Director: Guillermo Sitler
  • Playwright  and Stage Director: Ariel Pytrell

Visit our Facebook page: LABERINTOS-El monstruo está suelto


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