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Reissue with love!

I want to republish my book of poetry "vosiyo" because it is out of order

In 2009 through tocadesata editorial I published "vosiyo" after 3 years of turns, rewrites, loves and hates. Fortunately I always received much love and good vibes since it was published. It were made ??drawings, poems, graffitis (and even a song!) to the words that were in those pages and poems.

Unfortunately after a run of 300 copies the book is out of order. In 2012 I have planned a trip that includes Uruguay and Brazil and would like to have a few books with me as a gift for the new friends I will meet along the way.

Also, these fabulous bands acompany me along this project: such as Laika, S.A.N, Zabo & the Tutti Frutti Orchestra and Te Amo. They have composed, played covers and musicalized the readings of this book with me since 2009, and they support this reissue recording an exclusive and special original soundtrack for the book (awww ?!)

I reached for the platform of this collect with the goal of changing literary activity as I know so far, make the self-management so that it becomes something dynamic, collaborative, full of exhanging and without borders.

Your cooperation is very important and I would humbly repay you with some gift, words, music, cartoons, or pieces of paper that I hope you like!

From already thank you very much; __;!


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