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“we want young people to come to the opera by word of mouth”


The Ópera Joven association emerged in 2006, the main motives were the need to generate a space for self-development and independence for musicians, actors, managers, producers and mainly lyrical singers.


OPERA JOVEN has been gaining followers and has been slowly installed in Montevideo's artistic circuit. As a result, in 2015/2016 we presented Cosi fan Tutte (Mozart), 6 performances in the Zitarrosa hall and 2 in the Unión de San Carlos theater – Maldonado. In 2017/2018, we presented “La scuola dei gelosi” by Antonio Salieri in the Nelly Goitiño hall (4 performances), which was a fantastic premiere for the whole America. In 2019, (with an excellent review and response from the public) we staged "Gianni Schicchi" by Giacomo Puccini, 4 full functions also in the Zitarrosa room.


What are our main objectives?

  1. To make the lyrical genre a captivating proposal, breaking all current established preconceptions. How? Through a cautious update, we want to position opera as a language that evolves and can reach all audiences, the more the better. We consider it essential to involve young people with theater. We believe that it is our duty to fight against the giant and comfortable virtual display, so that theaters stay alive.


  1. To provide the opportunity for young lyrical art students (National School of Lyric Art, University of Music), to be in the process of building and actively participating in a comprehensive opera title, which will be accompanied by experienced young musicians (Montevideo’s Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestra)


  1. To be able to provide the same opportunities to the students from the National School of Dramatic Art - EMAD. We consider opera to be, above all, a dramatic art. This is how an agreement was established with the management of the EMAD to involve advanced students in assisting professionals. It would be mostly technical and artistic assistance, as well as possible acting roles.


  1. To promote a comprehensive project, building bridges. The “wider” the proposal, the more enriching the result will be.



In the past few years, we have been developing our artistic careers, and we continue to find the same lack of initiatives of this nature in the artistic environment. Consequently, this is driving us to carry out this project, with a view to continuing it over time, and with the power to fill the artistic world with quality innovative alternative projects. We hope to generate opportunities for young singers, approaching the public of all ages and contexts.


Our project seeks to align itself with the world’s trends: more openness to the classical arts, permanent generation of quality artistic proposals and to capture new audiences.



"Don Giovanni"


The opera will be performed in its complete version, with soloists (double cast), orchestra, scenery and costumes, with an updated staging, resignified, which guarantees freshness and agility in the development of the plot; engaging with the audience. In this sense, subtitles will be screened in Spanish, while theater programs will be handed out with the written plot



The technicians and designers are experienced, each with great experience in their field. Likewise, most of them EMAD graduates, are part of the OPERA JOVEN group since 2015.


All the members will be Uruguayan. We want to be able to execute a show of excellent level for all the parties involved, which will be a big push for new generations.





Musical direction - Esteban Louise

Stage direction – Nicolás Zecchi

Set design and props: Yael Carretero

Costume: ANTIQUO

Stage and wardrobe assistant: Macarena Miranda

Lighting design: Nicolás Benavidez

Graphic design and subtitles: Andrés Barbery

Communication: Tamara Cabrera

Co-founders of Opera Joven: Edgardo Rocha, Esteban Louise and Nicolás Zecchi






Don Giovanni - Martín Gestido / Carlos Lema

Pasquariello - Santiago García / Nicolás Zecchi

Donna Elvira - Maite García Soto / Virginia Berrondo

Donn’Anna - Dea Hirschle / Sofía Rasmussen

Don Ottavio - Alfredo Belloni / José Noguera

Maturina - Lucía del Verdún Pintos / Irene Hernández

Biaggio - Marcos Carrasco / Matías Aquino

Commndatore - Julio Clavijo

Donna Ximena – Zoe García


Pianist coach: Mariana Airaudo


If we don't reach the 100% of the funding goal, we will use it to do the following:

  • With the 10%

    We will be able to pay the guest musicians.

  • With the 25%

    We will be able to pay the guests musicians and rent and buy material for making scenery and props.

  • With the 50%

    We will be able to pay the guests musicians, rent and buy material for making scenery and props, pay scenery and lighting technicians.

  • With the 75%

    We will be able to pay the guest musicians, rent and buy material for making scenery and props, pay scenery and lighting technicians, communication expenses and much more.


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