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This book "Short tales about long tails" is about four short stories based on human values. The characters are Amazona’s rainforest animals. For example, Rose, a hughe black panter that although she is one of the most feared animals, is afraid of the night darkness.

Because I want to print this book so once is for sale a 10% can be given for help to rural schools. If i do this through an editorial the percentage given to the author is so low that is impossible to do this.

Datos técnicos: Compuestos por tapas impresas a 4/1 colores en
cartulina triplex de 300g. Con aplicacion de polipropileno brillante frente. Interior de
24 paginas impresas a 4/4 colores en papel ilustracion mate de 115g. Con aplicacion
de barniz. Encuadernacion cosida a hilo cantidad: 500 u.



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