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We left Chile about a year ago on an indefinite journey, with our objective being to find that wounded Latin America, which is still rising and resisting. It presented itself in the most unexpected ways, by the hand of very special preople who we along the journey. We decided to film these encounters and share these experiences with those who are interested.

We have filmed places, projects and people which in various ways have a conection with agroecology, activism, environmental protection and safeguarding of cultural heritage. Our project has also captured the abuse inflicted towards these Latin American communities and their territories due to: extractivism, global warming, capitalism, and lingering colonization.

While we have tried to reduce our spending as much as possible, our project requires assistance as our travel costs accumulate and pose a significant threat to the development of our goals. Our low budget limits the territories we can visit and cripples the amount of time we can spend producing a single short film.

We have thus launched this campaign, not only to finsih the production of our current project ("Vilcanota River"), but also to help kickstart the production of our next two upcoming short films; "Artisans on the Road" and "The Bee's Sanctuary - Part II". Your donations will also help cover the costs of music copyrights for our videos, and improvements for our website.

If our campaign achieves 100% efficacy, we will be able to fully finance all of our goals listed above, including Part II of our filming experiences at bee sanctuaries.

If we don't reach the 100% of the funding goal, we will use it to do the following:

  • With the 10%

    We can grow a small music bank for our productions, With this we can make legitimate use of songs and pay to the artists for usage rights.

  • With the 25%

    We can complete the development of our website. This is where we dive deeper into the story behing each project and where our photo journals are published.

  • With the 50%

    We can finish production of our current project: "Vilcanota River".

  • With the 75%

    We can produce our next film project in its entirety: "Artisans on the Road".


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