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This project can perform an alternative plan and finished on Thursday, February 11, 2021
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We are Ian and Mendu, graduates of the Universidad del Cine. We have a short and we want to finish it.     Stars and Freckles is an L (G) BT short film where two tweens discovering each other, as friends and as equals. Tobías and Emiliano are two friends, who share the following dilemma: can you see all the stars in the world in the person you love? It is Tobías who shows him this, emitting an action that will change the course of their friendship. It is done in 3D animation, in the Autodesk Maya program, with the support of resources from the Universidad del Cine.     It is our first short film and we have put a lot of love in it. However, we are very close to finishing it, but we need the funds.     We are finishing this short film, in the final stage of animation and rendering. In addition, we must do editing and sound.     We want to finish it before the premiere !! What for you is a return from the supermarket, for us it is a lot !! They are only $ 200 pesos which for you may not be a very big difference, but for us it is. We ask you please to help us !!     ANY CURRENCY IS ACEPTED!!     We have a deadline of February 15th. Your help is a lot !! Thanks in advance!! Sharing this with your friends makes the LGBT community grow even more!

If we don't reach the 100% of the funding goal, we will use it to do the following:

  • With the 10%

    Se pagara a los animadores.

  • With the 25%

    Se pagara a los animadores y asistentes de render.

  • With the 50%

    Se pagara a los animadores, asistentes de render, sonidistas y músicos.

  • With the 75%

    Se pagara a todas las ramas faltantes del cortometraje.


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