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The APP "GEOGRAPHICAL ALARM" works as an alarm clock or notifier that you are entering the place configured in the App. So that it triggers by location and that time is in the background. The Geographical Alarm is not a GPS, it does not tell you which way to go, compare the location of the device in which it is installed with the programmed location (address, neighborhood, city, province or country). Ex .: I can take 20min or 2hs to get from point "A" to point "B". It is not necessary to predict the time it will take to arrive or to contemplate cuts in the way so as not to wake up before or pass from the destination. The APP "GEOGRAPHICAL ALARM" is a mobile application where the unit of Time ceases to be a constant and becomes a variable. Why Develop the APP "GEOGRAPHIC ALARM"? Whenever I take the bus (Collective in my country) to a known or frequent destination I fall asleep and 50% of the time I pass the stop where I have to get off, thus generating two problems. 1) I am wasting time, because I have to wait for the return bus again, and be careful that it is not the last frequency. 2) I lose money because I have to pay again for the trip that I had already paid for. Now, if I take public transport to a place that I partially know or totally ignore, I remain nervous throughout the trip looking and looking where I should get off according to the recommendations they have given me, wasting the trip for what I really want or need to do. Who has not used transport to study, read, watch a series or sleep? So, this APP saves time, money and for those who want an extra, it allows to detach a little from the Mobile (Cellular in my country) to enjoy the things that make us Happy. ACCESSIBILITY The APP "GEOGRAPHIC ALARM" allows the mobility of people with Visual giving them greater freedom without depending on third parties or supplementing the information they already have. What will the money be used for? 1) With 50% hiring a programmer to restructure the APP, to make it more user-friendly and easy to use. 2) With 30% Marketing 3) With 20% Pay the Licenses of the Different STORES. * Brand and product registered as intellectual and product property *

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