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Project Peace Latin America intention is to change the fate of the most vulnerable young people in the region. Using sport as a tool to convey human values, we undertook the task of promoting the development of noble personalities in youth. Our goal is to inspire them to realize their dreams, give them the tools to build a bright future and overcome their circumstances.

Join us and help to transform young children in the region as agents of peace, one goal at a time.

Our project:

A Goal for Peace is a program of human development and sports education for children and young people living in communities affected by violence, crime and poverty.

A Goal for Peace uses soccer as a tool to promote and sow values as respect, tolerance, leadership, discipline, honesty, teamwork, accountability and gender equality.

A Goal for Peace is a continental program tailored to the specific needs and conditions of each community always with the common goal of promoting peace and human values through soccer.

A Goal for Peace supports and runs sports activities, coordinates educational sports camps centered in soccer; promotes mentoring and role models to inspire young people and help generate a positive impact on individuals and communities to develop recreational areas, create events and celebrations around the value of Peace.

About us:

Project Peace Latin America (PPLA) is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2010 with the mission of raising human values, fostering a culture of peace and have a positive impact on the lives of children and youth in the region.

We implement a model that uses sports in this case soccer, as a tool for education and development of children and youth in the most vulnerable communities.

To achieve this, we establish networks with organizations and institutions on the continent and build a network of peace in which community leaders, activists, individuals and organizations are joining forces and knowledge to become agents of social change.

Project Peace Latin America coordinates the implementation of projects such as soccer camps and we support local organizations to continue with sports programs and drive the foundation of human values in young people and children.

To date, A Goal for Peace in Haiti has been implemented with A Goal for Les Cayes (Video) and in Venezuela with A Goal for Caracas (Video).

How does it work?

Project Peace Latin America is responsible for coordinating and directing the implementation of A Goal for Peace and delivering all materials and sports equipment donations, provide endowments to coaches and volunteers, project evaluation and communications. Each summer camp implemented, includes the participation of around 200 children from several high-risk communities throughout the continent.

With your help we can bring A Goal for Peace around the continent!

With $ 300 we can rent a bus and carry 50 children home after a day camp.

With $ 500 we donate 50 soccer balls for 200 children.

With $ 800 you can pay for a day of lunch and snacks for 200 children.

With $ 1,500 we can rent a soccer field for 1 day for 200 children.

With $ 2,400 helps us to buy soccer uniforms for 200 children.

With $ 2,600 we pay to 9 facilitators and 10 trainers responsible for providing the program A Goal for Peace.

With $ 3,500 we held a soccer match for peace with children from other areas.

If we don't reach the 100% of the funding goal, we will use it to do the following:

  • With the 10%

  • With the 25%

  • With the 50%

  • With the 75%


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