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This project reached its funding goal on Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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About us: We are volunteers from the Fundación "I am because we are" (UBUNTU Foundation) from Mar del Plata, Argentina. It is in charge of the foundation Arq. Fernando Cacopardo who has extensive experience in social work regarding the habitat of those who are in need. The transdisciplinary group consists of students and graduates from different careers such as Architecture, Industrial Design and Engineering of the National University of Mar del Plata. We work together with neighbors, public / private organizations and neighborhood organizations. What do we do? For several years, the Arquitect Fernando Cacopardo carried out a project consisting of a support for Habitat, which consist of a foundation pit, metal (bases and columns) structure and a metal roof. The enclosure is in charge of the family, where they performed self-assisted techniques such as building construction with Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB) and Muro Tapia (mud walls). We consider this support as a process, where it provides a little "push" to bring these families to the minimum floor of human rights. What we need? This time, we need funds to buy tools (concrete mixers, screw gun, shovels, hand tools, etc) and appropriate work equipment (shoes, helmets, first aid kits, etc) for a small group of volunteers who every week build these Supports with different families. We believe it is essential to get the funds to buy the equipment for our team, since lacking construction tools and basic security elements means it its very difficult to help others properly. Help us to help!!

If we don't reach the 100% of the funding goal, we will use it to do the following:

  • With the 10%

    We will buy a small concrete mixer

  • With the 25%

    We will buy a small concrete mixer and helmets.

  • With the 50%

    We will buy a small concrete Mixer, helmets for safety and other tools.

  • With the 75%

    We will buy a small concrete Mixer, helmets for safety and more tools.


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