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This project reached its funding goal on Wednesday, June 22, 2016
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There is nothing else to do, only burning and printig Diente de león!!!!

Today, thanks to crowfunding (Ideame),  those that are interested on this proyect can join to make the last step for Diente de león to  be tangible.

I believe art can change our view inpiring our lifes. A view full of content and motivation. I'd be happy to know this album learns to fly with crowfunding. 

I could write a lot about how dificult It's to be an independent musician or starting a musical carrer. But I don't want to write about it. It's better for me, taking focus on music. I encourage you to hearing and shearing music. From this album and many others. Inluding your own music, music inside you, music form the birds at morning. Making a song, painting, watever, creating.

Today i'll tell you about my creation. 

Big hugs and thaks for your help (Sharing, listening, buying, reading)



¨Diente de león¨ its a short  5 tracks album EP, music and lyrics  by Juan Nazar (Except ¨Canción del Rio y el cóndor¨ melody by Manon Lacelle and lyrics by Juan Nazar) recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina between 2015 and 1016.

The recording started in Estudio Cavania Gorrión with Guido Moretti Bucello, and ended at Estudio Alto Templo with Franciso Rodriguez Amenabar. The mix was also done at Estudio Alto Templo (por Francisco Rodriguez Ameabar) and finally, the mastering at Puro Master with Lucas Gomez. 

Artistic musical preproduction and production was done by Alejandro Corvalan. 

Ale Corvalan (Piano, Quena, Guitars, Voces, Bass) 
Hugo Maldonado Barrios (Percution, Bass, Ronroco, guitar) 
Juan Nazar (Guitar, Voice) 
Luciano Pellegrini (Percution) 
Cheba Massolo (Electric guitar) 

The album art was made by Clara Antolin from the other side of the world. 


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