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El Limacoco!

We need your help finishing our first album. Watch the video and listen to a preview of the CD at !
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The crazycoconut is a band, we play rock & funk...among others. We've been together for 4 years and we love what we do! And we wanna keep doing it for many maaany more years, but we need your help: we wanna finish recording our first album and this had, and still has, many expenses including: Pre-production (rehearsing, demo recordings), studio recording, editing, mixing, mastering, art and finally printing the copy CDs. We're only missing the money for the Art and making the copies.

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The CrazyCoconut is:

Martín Pelitti

Ramiro Álvarez

Nico Clein

Eduardo Pelitti

Mariano Feldman

Damián Bolotnicoff

Verónica Bouza

Diego Cebollero

A large and generous family that rehearses twice a week until the end of times.


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