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Hi! My name is Juan and I want to re-release a short film that started as a course of study’s thesis work, but now in form of web episodes, about the adventures of a king and his friends. I hope you enjoy it!

Röi is a 3d short film that started in 2009 as a course of study’s thesis work (Audiovisual Design, at the Buenos Aires University (UBA)). It’s a very playful project, it’s an experimentation ground of things that I like and want to try. It reflects most of my passions: it’s a part 50’s animation, part lowpoly 3d, part graphic design, part those children’s books I loved as a kid, and part Cesar Aira’s tales I love as a grown-up. And all that mixed with some 30’s jazz and swing. It’s a strange mixture, I know, but I think it works pretty well.

The visual part of the project is something I’m doing all by myself: the script, the storyboard, character design, 3d models, textures, animation, backgrounds, etc. It was so much work to do on my own that I never got to finish it, and that’s why now I decided to make a reboot and do it in little parts: approximately 24 episodes that will be released on the web. That’s why I need financing, so I can hire people to help me speed up the project, and do the things I can’t.

Röi is the story of a king with a dull and boring life, that one day dreamt with a word (“ âme”),  and it was so meaningful to him, that he had to find out what its significance was, and that’s why he and his two most loyal friends go on and adventure of a lifetime. I promise the project will feature robots, zombies, explotions, romance, balloon journeys, invisible animals, subaquatic travels, big castles, little castles, ghosts, giant cats, dinosaurs, bonfires and religious characters in swimsuits.

Note: the budget is just for the first two episodes, that includes 3d and 2d parts. The approximate length of every episode is 5 minutes.

Thank you for your support!


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