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Three years ago I've been working on my second solo album with producer Gabriel Lucena (Entre Rios, Miranda!, etc.) and bassist Luciano Lasca, absolutely indie way. My project is to give physical existence to the record. I need to raise the money to make copies and also to buy some inputs as to present the album live (with Luciano Lasca and Andy Menutti) and to continue producing my music. 

TONELADA is the answer to my firts record called EL PORTAFOLIO SIN PESO (Peatón Discográfica, 2007), not just for game with titles but thinking in concept.

Unlike my first album, which was fully recorded and produced in my Morón´s bedroom with the help of Ismael Pinkler in the recording production, TONELADA was recorded in different studios as the budget and time were permitting.   In this new record the collaboration with Luciano Lasca on bass and vocals was very important to show less introspective songs. It was produced by Gabriel Lucena (current guitarist on Miranda!, and one of the mentors of the beautiful electronic pop project Entre Rios).   Also Rosario Bléfari with her voice, Guillermo Ruiz Díaz (from El Mató A Un Policía Motorizado) and Leo Santos (de Victoria Mil) on drums, Andy Menutti and Javier Belziti on percussion have their appearerances. A whole group of musicians that contrasts with the solitude and introspection of my first album.   The video of the song EFECTO, with Chilean singer Javiera Mena and made ??by PIEL, it´s the first single for TONELADA.     Then: the record is ready, I just need the money to make it happen and worthily present it everywhere want to hear my songs.   Do you help me? Come on! You will get very nice rewards to suit your means. Look right here. Thanks for your input!    

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