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We never have been involved as a musicians in a project that would include to our friends of a lifetime and feeling that inmense pleasure that comes from playing with people that you love. Simon Fuga was born as an escape from different bad personal life moments and it went bigger so it became a real band, in which we put all of our effort not as a matter of responsability, but we feel that way.

A year after, with the project almost finished, we're very happy with the results that we've been getting. We released a track of the Dvd for showing a little on the Internet and a week after that, Muchmusic LA contacted us for showing them on different shows of them, and is still on heavy rotation. All that we make is generated in the same way: spontaneously. We want that everything that is good for us, comes up in the same way: people who like what we do and they are willing to help us just because they feel that way. Now its time for releasing so much time of work and we haven't got the money. So that's why we're asking this: anyone who is willing to collaborate will be well received , of course. We need a little help for this DVD to finally see the light.

Here, you can download After Chaban, our first album, as well as others eps that we recorded: Bandcamp


This is our official site

In our Facebook page you will find all the updates regarding Simon Fuga (shows, videos, eps that we will upload)

And here you've got two vides that will be included in our DVD


Tori Welles

Leyendo La Cosmo en el 166



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