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Conditions of Entry   

#reImagina is a design, creativity and city competition that seeks to re-imagine existing streets and public spaces in our cities, exploring their potential and possible new conditions. Through this exercise, we want to awake our curiosity as citizens, as well as to call the attention to certain urban conditions that we can and want to improve, such as mobility issues, recovery of public space, improvement of infrastructure, urban art, amongst others.



Why are we doing it? 

Today our cities suffer countless problems and often creative disabilities by governments, organisations and citizens to resolve them. Many of these problems manifest in pubic space, a space that belongs to everyone. So, if we could, for once, bring a solution to some of these problems, what would we do? How would we imagine it? Who would we work with? how would we represent it? 


Who is doing it? 

dérive LAB and TAMARA convened a design competition to re-imagine our cities and to express solutions to some of these problems. the proposals will be made through creative and unique images that re-imagine and reinterpret our current context, regardless of whether they are feasible or utopian. Thus, such a wide variety of projects, proposals and initiatives would awake our imagination and most importantly, the imagination of our governments.


Who can participate? 

The competition is open to students or professionals worldwide, participating individually or in teams, which may include one or more members of any discipline. 


Each contestant or team may submit up to two proposals. 


How to participate?

You can choose any place you know in order to re-imagine it, re-invent it and re-create it, as long as you are familiar with its current context and your proposal is well justified. 


Also, you can choose to work on your own or with a team of your choice. 



Go to IdeaMe platform: and follow these steps: 


1. Choose a team leader 

2. Access 

If you are representing an organisation or office, you will donate at least $ 500 Mexican Pesos

If you are a student, you will donate at least $ 200 Mexican Pesos 

Once the specified amount has been donated, the leader must submit proof of the transaction and the specified material for your participation to: 

IMPORTANT: The more money the project gets, the more the winner will receive, so make sure many people get involved and many people give money (there is no need to be a participant in order to donate)


When can I participate? 

This contest is open from Friday August 8 to Sunday 12 October at 23:59. If you have any question, you have until August 30 to send it via 

You can also check


Documents to be submitted 

The following documentation must be sent via 


1. PROOF of donation through 

2. 60cm (H) x 90cm (width) canvas, 100dpi, only PG or PDF format and no larger than 10MB. The file name must include the name of the team and the proposal number (whether it is proposal 1 or 2). The canvas should contain the following: 


A BEFORE: A current PHOTOGRAPHY of the public space to intervene, it can be a street, park, plaza, alley, etc. Such image will help evaluate the proposal. 


An AFTER: A DIGITAL IMAGE of the re-imagined public space. The image can be: 




Free representation


A TEXT of up to 250 words, considering the current context, mentioning the place and city where it located, and a description and justification of the proposal.


INFORMATION of the participating team: name of the team, organisation(if applies) and hometown. 


Other formats and other forms of delivery will not be accepted, only projects that are received within the time set will be evaluated. 



The selected images will be presented in a public exhibition. The place and date of the exhibition will be announced thirty days after publication of the results. 



The prizes are as follows: 

First prize: 30% of the money raised at 

Second prize: 20% of the money raised at 

Third prize: 10% of the money raised at 

Mentions: The Jury may decide to mention few projects deemed worthy of such distinction. 


The remaining 40% will be used for equipment, printing of images to display, costs of webpage management and everything else needed for the competition. 


Intellectual Property Rights 

Contestants will retain the intellectual property of the proposals, but will yield to the contest organizers exhibition rights, reproduction and publication and others that correspond to the object of the competition, who are forced to disclose the names of their authors in each publication, exhibition or activity in which the proposal is incorporated. Likewise, the authors agree to refer to the organizers of the competition bodies in any subsequent publication in which your proposal appears.


Any further questions, please do check


If we don't reach the 100% of the funding goal, we will use it to do the following:

  • With the 10%

    The money will be used as mentioned in the awards section

  • With the 25%

    The money will be used as mentioned in the awards section

  • With the 50%

    The money will be used as mentioned in the awards section

  • With the 75%

    The money will be used as mentioned in the awards section


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