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One winter afternoon, wandering through the small town of Villa Elisa, Entre Ríos (Argentina), I made out a tiny sign written in red hanging on the wall of a simple home. I thought it was a kiosk, but the sign said: CINEMA.

I looked for a doorbell, but didn't find one. I knocked loudly and a skinny man appeared in the doorway. I asked him if he knew anything about the cinema advertised on the sign.

He asked me to wait a minute, and then came back with a set of keys in his hand.

This way, he said. I followed him.

We went up a flight of stairs; he opened the door and turned on the lights. A few weak light bulbs lit the spacious auditorium, which had about 90 wooden seats, a white screen at the other end, some rough-looking speakers, a ruined sound system, wheels built into the walls as a kind of ventilation, and movie posters hanging all over the place.

- I built it – he said.

- My house is below -, he added.

That's how I met Omar José Borccard, that's how this project began. I started to travel to Entre Ríos with Celina Eslava and Lluis Mira Vega to visit Omar.

“A Concrete Cinema” is the kind of story that inspires us to find the strength to follow through with those projects that we are constantly putting off.

Omar built two cinemas by himself, and I can't finish my documentary without some help.

I edited a 25-minute reel at a snail's pace on a primitive old computer.

I presented this portion of the film as a part of DocuLab.6 at the 29th Guadalajara International Film Festival.

I was chosen as a participant and was able to show my work to a group of outstanding mentors and peers from all over Latin America.

I want to finish this documentary and for people to see this story. Omar is an exemplary person, a fighter who lives without excuses.

I owe it to him, I owe it to myself.


As Omar explains in the video, a portion of the money raised will be used to buy a 3D projector. He has been saving up money for over a year, and with your help, the kids in Villa Elisa will be able to see movies in 3D.



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