Knight Foundation

Knight Foundation

Knight Foundation

Curated Projects

Create a user friendly video tutorial to help young people find their passion, access the best education and scholarships
Raised $ 10,355 USD
Funded with 103%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 9.2 k views
  • 94 backers

Deep Frequency

by bosspass
Estados Unidos
An event to help YOU build genuine connections and community in the city of Miami.
Raised $ 10,005 USD
Funded with 100%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 5.9 k views
  • 14 backers

Onetown Boards

by onetown
Estados Unidos
Onetown Boards is developing longboards that track the rider's performance and feature powerful LED lights to increase visibility at night.
Raised $ 10,124 USD
Funded with 101%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 9.2 k views
  • 26 backers
Let the WORLD know about clean products that are crafted with powerful & natural components carrying unadulterated ingredients. So good!
Raised $ 10,140 USD
Funded with 101%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 5.5 k views
  • 18 backers
The Reusable Beach Ashtray & Dispensing Unit - the perfect solution for cigarette butt pollution: available where & when you need them!
Raised $ 760 USD
Funded with 7%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 6.3 k views
  • 11 backers
Simpliziti® is an application to help solve the pain of gifting. We give back as you receive with our non-profit partnerships.
Raised $ 10,070 USD
Funded with 100%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 6.4 k views
  • 15 backers
We create sustainable products right here in Miami. Help us realize our vision of providing South Florida with local, eco-friendly products
Raised $ 10,000 USD
Funded with 100%
  • 0 min. to go
  • 16.1 k views
  • 35 backers

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