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12 hours, 2 minutes

"We would like to finish 12 hours, 2 minutes documentary, which reflects life stories of people that have needed organ transplants."
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Show description

12 hours 2 minutes is a documentary film that tells the story of Juan Machado (38), a patient who was waiting for a donor, since his heart was working at only 8% of its potential, due to a disease that had affected him two years ago.  

The transplant theme is approached from a very human angle, conveying in the movie the testimony of patients and relatives that live or had been through a similar experience. The approach of this documentary is highly positive, and at all times, it tries to convey the strength, spirit and love for live that these people have.

12 hours 2 minutes is also a vehicle so that these people can thank for the second chance they received in life and so that they can raise awareness in the rest of society about an issue of which little is known and that is often treated as taboo.


Unfortunately, 9 years ago, I, Luis, lost my mother after she received a heart transplant. She had been very sick and the only solution to her heart condition was a transplant. A few months after being placed in the waiting list, she received the donation. The operation was successful, but a few months later, she died due to a general sepsis.

As years went by, I internally thoroughly thought out about making a film in which it was possible showing the reality that families live in situations like this and thus raising awareness in society about an issue that is often not discussed as it should.

As soon as I told the idea to Federico Lemos in order for him to help me carrying it out, he did not hesitate in joining the cause, since beyond making an aesthetically beautiful film, he thought it was a noble theme, that required the involvement of many people like him, and that is why it was very simple creating a good working team in such short time.  

So, despite the contributions that each one may make to this film, the mere gesture of becoming part of this will mean that we made someone get involved and that probably that person shared this with more people. That is how we will finish the film and in the journey, we would have added a lot of people that will feel this is THEIR movie too.


As the main way to participate, we need your economical contribution, for which, apart from our gratefulness, you will also receive a reward for your contribution. Payments can be made with credit card through PayPal. And remember, it is not a matter of how much, it is about the reason that makes you do it!

Moreover, your support to spread the project is fundamental, so that more and more people can be touched by the trailer, the stories and help us telling the world about the reality of organs donation.

We count on your help to make this project possible!


This project counts with the support of ATUR (acronym in Spanish for the Association of Transplanted in Uruguay). Official support of INDT (acronym in Spanish for National Institute of Donation and Transplantation of Cells, Tissues and Organs), INCUCAI (acronym in Spanish for Unique Central National Institute of Ablation and Implant) and ADETRA (acronym in Spanish for Argentine Transplanted Sportsmen Association) is in process.

We also count with the support of Fundación Viven


12 hours and 2 minutes is the time that goes by since Juan receives that phone call letting him know that he got his new heart, until the operation finishes. Four stories of patients that went through the same situation, with different luck, are portrayed in the movie.

A story full of hope, and a clear message about what getting a transplant means for someone whose days are counted. A message of hope conveyed by people that had a second chance to live.  

Juan. His heart works at only 8% of its potential and he is expecting a donor for over two years.  

Sergio. He received a liver transplant two years ago and today, at the age of 50, he competes in bicycle in World Transplants Games in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Luis. Handcraft fisherman that lived for over eight years in dialysis, one day, when he had almost no hope left, he received the phone call that there was a donor for him. A sample that neither social class nor age matters; the opportunity of continuing living can come at any time.

Fermín. Endearing, 70 years old, he drives his tractor again and works in his garage thanks to the heart transplant he received four years ago.


We are Luis Ara and Federico Lemos, friends for years, but we decided to work together for the first time with this project.  

I’m Luis, I’m 32 years old and I’m from Montevideo, Uruguay.  I’ve been working as a cultural magazines editor in Uruguay for seven years, apart from being advertising and film executive producer. As I said, a personal experience I had to live was what encouraged me to carry out this project.

I am Federico, I’m 38 years old and I am one of the directors of the latest trend in documentary filmmaking in Uruguay.  I did a documentary called “El último carnaval” (The Last Carnival) recounting the story of a very particular festivity that takes place at a beach resort in Uruguay called La Pedrera, with which we participated in several international film festivals both  in Uruguay and abroad.


Thank you for joining the project! Your contribution is very important. You will receive a diploma certifying your support to the art of this movie and we will also publish your name in the acknowledgments in our web.
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Thank you very much! You are part of the project and of our team in spreading information about organ donation. In appreciation of what you have done, we will give you the previous things + a link to see exclusive images before the premiere + we will publish your name in the film acknowledgements.
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Thank you very much for your invaluable support! You are one of us. Apart from all the previous things, you will get 2 tickets so that you can invite your couple or friends to see the movie (valid in all Uruguay movie theatres where the movie will be screened (tickets can be picked up in Carrasco, Montevideo)
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You are part of “12 hours, 2 minutes” production team! In order to thank you for your generosity, we will give you all what has been previously specified + a link to see a 25-minute-work in progress so you can follow our progress + a movie T-shirt.
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Not only you are a part of the movie team, but you are an associate producer! All the previous things + your name in the movie credits as “associate producer” together with a special invitation for you and 2 friends to the pre-premiere of the movie that we will make in Montevideo with the producers and protagonists of the film (if you are not around, you can give them to a friend or pay your travel allowances)
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Thank you for your remarkable contribution, without it, the movie could not continue its production and stories could not be spread the way they deserve. Take everything + a dedicated poster of the film together with the pre-edited DVD (if you are not around, you can give them to a friend or pay your travel allowances)
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Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts! Your commitment to the goals of this film is truly touching. Take: web acknowledgement + you will appear in the movie credits as associate producer + a link to exclusive images and 25-minute-work in progress + 2 movie tickets in Montevideo (in any movie theater in which the movie is screened) to invite your couple or friends + dedicated poster and the un-edited DVD + come with 2 friends to the pre-premiere in Montevideo together with the producers and protagonists of the film and then come to have dinner with us (if you are not around, you can give them to a friend or pay travel allowances)
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Many many thanks! You are one of the executive producers of this movie! We want our gratitude to be bigger yet. We will give you all the previous rewards, plus: your name on the initial credits of the movie as executive producer, we will give you an exclusive screening of the movie for you and 20 friends, at a place to agree, with the exclusive presence of one of the producers and/or protagonists (in Montevideo). Besides, if you are part of a company and/or organization, you can include its logo in the credits and poster of the film.
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