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Abya Yala Expedition

Abya Yala's Expedition is an intercultural trip that seeks to value the knowledge of social groups as indigenous, afroamericans and peasants
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*Thanks Luli Huck Tallari for the translation

Abya Yala Expedition is a project that, through visits to historically marginalized communities in our America (Abya Yala), as Indians, Maroons and peasants, intends to claim, reassess and rethink the various cultures of the continent. To which cultural exchange activities are made, in which the expeditionary of many countries could contribute from their knowledge and experiences.

Among the activities that the group of 40 chosen members will be partaking in, there will be lectures and dialogue circles, community service, hikes and visits to natural wonders and sacred sites, ceremonies and rituals, workshops between visitors and hosts, and many more.

The project will be executed with the support of Universities and social organizations to contribute to a theoretical and experiential training to its participants, which will understand better the problems, resistance’s processes and alternatives proposed by these people and organizations, helping to generate new projects, support networks and solidarity at local, national and international levels.

Inaugural trip:

§  Duration: 30 days

§  Start Date: January 2015

§  Countries: Colombia and Ecuador




ATTENTION: Because of technical problems, not all awards are appearing in English. But we translate in this space:

Reconocimiento en nuestra página web = Recognition on our website

With your contribution will have a recognition on our website that will be seen by thousands of people who will know that you are supporting a distinct project and with your help you contribute a grain to achieve the dream of a new Latin America

No shipping cost

Recognition in our promotional videos

Besides having your name on our website, you will also receive recognition in the credits of our promotional videos, project dissemination and communities that participate in them. Includes interviews with organizational leaders counting the problems and processes of resistance and building alternatives to these problems.

No shipping cost

Colombian Handicrafts

With this contribution, you get beautiful crafts Muisca indigenous people, originating in the region of sheet in the vicinity of Bogota in Colombia. In addition, your name will be in the acknowledgments of our website as a donor.

Clothing Ecuador

With this contribution, we will send beautiful pants produced in the Otavalo region of Ecuador. Among the favorite clothes of backpackers from around the world who travel to Latin America, these trousers are appropriate for use in any temperature and time of year. You can choose the colors and sizes, send an e-mail. But the number of pieces is limited.


If we don't reach the 100% of the funding goal, we will use it to do the following:

  • With the 10%

    Cover administrative costs.

  • With the 25%

    Cover administrative costs and Preparatory trip expenses in Colombia.

  • With the 50%

    Cover administrative costs and afford the costs incurred in planning the trip for Colombia and Ecuador.

  • With the 75%

    Cover administrative costs and afford the costs incurred in planning the trip for Colombia and Ecuador. Also contributing to the costs for the construction of the website and the development of communication and promotional material for the expedition.


Discussion online after the expedition

With this donation you will be invited to a virtual chat with the organizers of the expedition to share experiences and learnings of the way. The date will be marked soon after the end of the trip, which will be able to interact and submit your own questions. * ** This award is available to all donors, including those who choose other rewards.
No shipping costs
5 Backers
$ 4.12 USD

Closed project

Travel photo album

We will Email you a selection of beautiful photos taken in the course of the expedition, bringing the landscapes of the Andes, Amazon and Pacific coast, also showing the population of these places and cultural events. They will serve as a reminder and may decorate beautifully your computer screen.
No shipping costs
8 Backers
$ 6.86 USD

Closed project

Travel Chronicles

For those who like travel literature, is a good choice. Through the chronicles written by organizers and participants of the expedition, we will send them first hand, you'll learn more about the sites visited, landscapes, cultures and people.
No shipping costs
10 Backers
$ 8.58 USD

Closed project

Reconocimiento en nuestra página web

Con tu contribución tendrás un reconocimiento en nuestra página web que será vista por miles de personas que sabrán que estás apoyando un proyecto diferenciado y que con tu ayuda aportas un granito para alcanzar el sueño de una nueva América Latina
No shipping costs
5 Backers
$ 10.29 USD

Closed project

Reconocimiento en nuestros videos promocionales

Además de tener tu nombre en nuestra página web, también vas a recibir reconocimiento en los créditos de nuestros videos promocionales, de divulgación del proyecto y de las comunidades que participan de ellos. Incluye entrevistas con líderes de organizaciones contando las problemáticas y los procesos de resistencia y construcción de alternativas ante estos problemas.
No shipping costs
16 Backers
$ 12.01 USD

Closed project

Beautiful and little bags from Ecuador

These small bags (12cm x 12cm) are ideal for when you want to leave the house wearing little thing, only the basics necessario. They were produced by the Kichwa people of Otavalo, Ecuador.
Shipping costs:
  • - Local shipping costs: $ 1.72 USD
  • - International shipping costs: $ 5.73 USD
  • - Pick-it-up for free at Calle 44C #45-28, torre 5, apt 701, Bogotá (Colombia) / Rua Constante Sodré, 1179, apto 1002, Vitória (Brasil)
Sold out
2 / 2 Backers
$ 17.16 USD

Closed project

Artesanía colombiana

Con esta contribución, recibes hermosas artesanías del pueblo indígena Muisca, originario de la región de sábana en el entorno de Bogotá, en Colombia. Además de esto, tu nombre estará en los agradecimientos de nuestra página web como donador.
Shipping costs:
  • - Local shipping costs: $ 1.72 USD
  • - International shipping costs: $ 5.73 USD
  • - Pick-it-up for free at Calle 44C #45-28, torre 5 apt 701, Bogotá, Colombia
15 / 100 Backers
$ 20.59 USD

Closed project

Beautiful Andean bags

These bags bring a bit of the work and reflect on its work the colors, landscapes and people of the Andes, which is part of the route of the Abya Yala Expedition. Its size is 15cm x 15cm.
Shipping costs:
  • - Local shipping costs: $ 1.72 USD
  • - International shipping costs: $ 5.73 USD
  • - Pick-it-up for free at Calle 44C #45-28, torre 5, apt 701, Bogotá (Colombia) / Rua Constante Sodré, 1179, apto 1002, Vitória (Brasil)
Sold out
3 / 3 Backers
$ 22.31 USD

Closed project

Vestimenta de Equador

Con este aporte, enviaremos bellos pantalones producidos en la región de Otavalo, en Ecuador. Entre las ropas favoritas de los mochileros de todo el mundo que viajan por Latinoamérica, estos pantalones son apropriados para usar en cualquier temperatura y época del año. Puedes elegir los colores y tamaños, que enviaremos por correo electrónico. Pero el número de piezas es limitado.
Shipping costs:
  • - Local shipping costs: $ 1.72 USD
  • - International shipping costs: $ 5.73 USD
  • - Pick-it-up for free at Calle 44C #45-28, torre 5 apto 701, Bogotá, Colombia
Sold out
9 / 9 Backers
$ 24.02 USD

Closed project

Wayuu bags from Colombia

The wayuu bags are handmade by indigenous women from La Guajira, region of Colombia, and are reconized around the world for their beauty. Each model are unique, with different colors and draws. They have certification of original production by wayuu comunnities.
Shipping costs:
  • - Local shipping costs: $ 2.75 USD
  • - International shipping costs: $ 6.86 USD
  • - Pick-it-up for free at Vitória (Brasil): Rua Constante Sodré, 1179, Praia do Canto // Bogotá (Colômbia): Calle 44C #45-28.
1 / 5 Backer
$ 72.06 USD

Closed project


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